Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training

Our Vocational Education and Training (V.E.T.) program provides job skills training, professional development and support services to unemployed, underemployed, and underserved residents in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties and surrounding areas. Through collaborations and partnerships with educational institutions, public, private and community organizations, V.E.T provides services to enhance the education, career growth and social empowerment of individuals who desire to gain additional career skills to enhance their quality of life. Services include:


  • Certified Retail and Customer Service Program
  • The Trailblazer Program
  • MINDSET Transformation
  • Life Skills
  • Health and Mental Wellness
  • Career Development
  • Work ethics/etiquette
  • GED preparation


  • Career and Life Coaching
  • Access to additional free online training
  • Mentorship and mental health guidance
  • Job placement assistance

Program Goals

  • Provide educational and career support services to residents ages 16 and older.
  • Provide participants with services to develop skills needed for employment that lead to economic independence.
  • Assist program participants in developing a plan that will help them achieve their educational, career and personal goals.
  • Teach participants the life skills necessary for them to become economically independent and contributing citizens of the community.

Program Structure

The program offers training activities to help participants set a career path, develop vocational skills, obtain a better job, and improve their overall social skills. The program enhances the participants’ competency in the area of basic work skills, technological abilities and complex skills including critical thinking, problem solving, customer services and decision-making.

Service Providers

Program services are provided by skilled instructors, counselors and social workers from non-profit and faith-based organizations, government agencies and corporations. The services are provided at facilities of the collaborators and partners.

Customized Training and Professional Development

Upon request, we will provide special contract services to faith and community organizations, collaborators and partners to meet their professional development needs. We design training and support, such as in-person workshops, on-going virtual support, and self-paced or guided learning modules for individuals or teams of individuals in formal and informal educational settings. These engagements are for durations from one day workshops to 10 months of training and support. They include:

  • Adult Life Skills Program
  • MINDSET Mastery
  • Career Success Program
  • Health and Mental Wellness
  • Brain Food Program
  • Coaching & Mentorship Services


For more information about the Vocational Education and Training Program, please contact us at 704-944-3119.