Advocacy & Support

Advocacy & Support

We advocate for and support cultural approaches for eliminating disparities in our communities and improving the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health in people of color.


  • Development of culturally informed, community-centered framework for addressing community trauma and mental health
  • Dedicated resources for community engagement to support the emotional and the social well‐being of individuals and families
  • Dedicated resources to support education and training for:
    • Faith leaders to know how to respond to mental health issues and what services are available in their community
    • Mental health providers to learn about faith-based services in their community and opportunities to partner with them to support well-being


  • Grassroots efforts to connect, share knowledge, and promote awareness and partnerships concerning mentoring, trauma and mental health for people of color
  • Community efforts that provides opportunities for young people to receive core value training and lifestyle enrichment activities while interacting with older, responsible adults who serve as role models and program mentors