Domestic Violence and Mental Health: Impact on Children and Families

Living Waters presents: Domestic Violence and Mental Health: Impact on Children and Families

Thursday: July 25, 2024.  9am- 12noon

A dialogue with social workers, counselors, researchers, community and faith leaders, justice-involved professionals, and stakeholders from Child Welfare Services about the intersection of Domestic Violence and Mental Health and the impact on children and families.


  • Bring awareness and provide information about the unique intersections and support services for survivors, children, and families

  • Provide a forum to discuss and explore the current approaches and supportive interventions available to address the unique intersections and needs of the survivors, children, and families

  • Explore strategies and interventions to improve mental health outcomes for racial and ethnic diverse populations

  • Discuss the role of faith leaders as bridge builders to help support the mental health of survivors, children, and families


A 3-hour, in-person, event that includes a keynote speaker, a moderated panel discussion, and Q & A session with experts, advocates, and faith leaders.  Information about domestic violence and mental illness and supporting survivors, children, and families will be available.


  • Relationship between Domestic Violence and Mental Health
  • Children’s Mental Health
  • Domestic Violence Homicide
  • Domestic Violence and Suicide
  • Child Welfare Systems
  • Support from Faith Communities

Event sponsors include Living Waters, AB &T Accounting, and Empower Your Life.

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