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Community Liaison and Cultural Brokering

Our communities are made up of diverse cultural and ethnic groups. As cultural brokers and liaisons, we have helped to bridge the cultural gaps for engaging, empowering and equipping communities. Our work includes serving as faith community liaisons, cultural brokers and advisors to the Mecklenburg County Health Department, Mayor’s Mentoring Alliance, Task Force for Children and Youth, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, Alameda County Public Health Department, the National Cares Mentoring Movement and other organizations.

  • Build relationships and bridge gaps among diverse communities, leaders and cultures.
  • Promote equitable collaboration among diverse community and civic leaders.
  • Strengthen and maintain relationships with community liaisons and cultural broker.
  • Target cultural groups or specific communities for community engagement activities.
  • Broker and engage faith organizations, community members and advocates.
  • Develop and strengthen collaborative community partnerships and relationships between faith-based communities behavioral health, public health, judicial, law enforcement and higher education and minority behavioral health to develop culturally appropriate strategies for trauma and mental health.
  • Building programs and supports driven by community, family and cultural needs, issues and priorities, rather than by assumptions.
  • Build reciprocal communication between parents, teachers, and schools.
  • Engage and help parents to support their own child as well as all the children in their community.
  • Enable parents to build relational power with each other.
  • Provide forums for people of color, youths, young adults, faith leaders and service providers and professionals to connect around their individual and shared experiences of fear, danger, violence and other trauma.