Kenneth Robinson

Kenneth Robinson is the Founder and President of Freedom Fighting Missionaries.  He assists the formerly incarcerated in obtaining identification, providing job readiness courses, healthcare referrals, counseling and mental health services, financial literacy, credit coaching classes, voter registration, and community advocacy.  At 23 years old, he was incarcerated serving a 10-year sentence in a federal prison. At his release at age 33, he faced several challenges that many formally incarcerated people face: Limited sustainable jobs or careers, no access to ID and documentation, unmet basic needs, inadequate healthcare resources, and poor paying jobs. As a father of 5, he took a $7.25 job to provide for himself and family. He completed 100s of applications being given the opportunity to work as an automotive sales rep. He quickly climbed the ladder and became sales manager. He left the industry ten years later and pursued his passion for starting a nonprofit.

Kenneth is a walking testimony for formerly incarcerated people everywhere who share in his belief that perseverance, advocacy, and fighting towards freedom for all leaves a lasting impact not only for oneself, but whomsoever desires to successfully regain their rights and freedoms upon release.