Cathy Henderson, MS

Cathy Henderson is a catalyst for positive change.  She currently serves as Program Manager for Mecklenburg County’s Improving Community Outcomes for Maternal and Child Health Initiative.  With over 20 years in Health and Human Services, Cathy has a career-long reputation centered on shaping high-impact programs and leading high-performing teams to increase positive outcomes for children, families, and communities.

Cathy embraces systems thinking and applies its tenants as a certified leadership transformation consultant, certified parenting educator, Mental Health Coach, and Bridges Out of Poverty Trainer.  She is a sought-after speaker, known for connecting with audiences and synergizing collective thoughts.  Cathy carries a charisma borne from a passion for life and compassion for people.  One of her greatest joys is seeing people experience a “light bulb” moment that brings clarity and broadens perspective.

Cathy holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from NC Central University and a master’s degree in Organizational Development from Abilene Christian University.