Anabel Paniagua-Doyle

Anabel Paniagua-Doyle is currently a Senior Specialist at ONE Charlotte Health Alliance. She previously served as the Community Outreach Recruiter for MECK Pre-k.  Anabel grew up in Cambridge, MA and her family is originally from El Salvador. She has lived in NC for more than a decade. Anabel graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  Since leaving college, she has dedicated her life to working in the human services, finance and education fields.  Her passion is to improve the health, education, and wealth of children, the elderly, women and underserved communities.

Anabel has been a key part in helping educational and community institutions understand and serve diverse populations.  She has also helped expand their service through awareness, outreach projects and community involvement.   She has and continues to serve in task forces, boards, committees and being a member of various organizations to improve the life of underserved individuals and families.  Her latest involvement was as a founding and board member of El Puente Hispano in Concord and a member and Chair,  of Alianza (for youth)- through the Prevention Center in Charlotte. Most recently, Anabel was elected to represent the education committee for the Latino Faith and Health Coalition.