Sheila Wright, MSN, RN

Sheila Wright, MSN, RN is the Health Ministry Coordinator for the Faith Community Health Ministry department at Atrium Health and has been in this role since 2010. She is responsible for assisting faith communities to develop and implement a health ministry program which focuses on promoting health and wholeness of mind, body and spirit through either a faith community nurse or health promoter model. Sheila celebrated her 18th year as an employee at Atrium Health in 2019.

She has over 36 years of nursing experience in various areas such as medical-surgical and orthopedic nursing; utilization review; Medicare and Medicaid review; pediatric nurse; and working as a primary care physician nurse in a physician’s office.  She is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor for the Adult and Youth version, an instructor in Your Care Your Choice, a training on having the conversation around end of life issues, and a Lay Leader trainer/facilitator for Living Healthy with Chronic Pain (6 week, 2 ½ hour evidence-based self-management class).

Sheila received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from SUNY, Downstate Medical Center College of Nursing in Brooklyn, NY in 1984 and in May 2017, she received her Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on Global Public Health Nursing.