Natasha Pemberton-Todd, LPCS

Natasha Pemberton-Todd equips leaders with creative strategies for effective living and cultivates effective clinicians. She is a North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor with almost 20 years mental health experience. She has worked with children (ages 2-18) and their families in community mental health settings for a large portion of her career and has also served as a school counselor at a charter school for high IQ children.

Ms. Pemberton-Todd is a trained educator, holding a second Masters in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement. The combination of the counseling and education skill sets intertwine with 25 years of public speaking experience to enhance her counseling, supervision, consulting, and training endeavors.

She is currently co-owner of a multi-brand empowerment business which includes a private practice where she supports the social-emotional needs of women, teen girls, elementary children and their families through counseling, coaching, and psychoeducation services.

Natasha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and Master’s degree in Community Counseling from Andrews University and a Master’s degree in Education (Training and Performance Improvement specialization) from Capella University

Natasha is a powerhouse who stands on her own. She grew up in a home where her guardians were emotionally unavailable. The pain and loneliness of her childhood led her on her journey to be the wife, mother, and professional she is today.  Today she works to help women and children overcome trauma, discover their God-given purpose, and live balanced lives